Stakeholder Committees

MERMAC- The Métis Environment and Resource Management Advisory Committee

The Métis Environment and Resource Management Advisory Committee was established in early 2012 to cultivate meaningful consultation with the Government of Saskatchewan regarding its move to the development of a result-based Saskatchewan Environmental Code, a framework for managing and protecting the environment while encouraging innovative environmental solutions that protect the environment while supporting the province’s growing economy.

MERMAC meets every 3-4 months to discuss various environment and resource management concerns, and to exchange information on environmental techniques and operations. It has also been providing valuable input into the development of The Code which contains legally binding, enforceable requirements to be followed by anyone conducting activities regulated by any of the Acts that reference the Code.

The Code is designed to provide clarity for activities regulated by Saskatchewan’s three main environmental Acts: The Environmental Management and Protection Act, 2010; The Forest Resources Management Amendment Act, 2010; and The Management and Reduction of Greenhouse Gases Act.